My First Ever Hospital Stay

Hey there!

I hope you’ve been enjoying your week following the Labor Day weekend!

My week has been… eventful. Tuesday was my first day back to work after a 3 day weekend. I didn’t make it 2 hours into my shift and had to be walked down to the ER due to my pain level. Of course I’m in complete panic mode hoping that I’m not going into labor.

I haven’t yet gotten a chance to talk on my blog about what I do for work. I have worked in healthcare since I graduated high school. I’ve done many different odds and ends in the healthcare industry but I currently work at a hospital as a certified nursing assistant or “ patient care provider” as they like to call us now. I’ve never been on the patient side of things I’ve always been the one providing care for others. I’ve always been very particular about the care that I provide to my patients specifically because I haven’t been there; I don’t know what it’s like to be in pain, to be away from home, to be uncertain of your diagnosis and so on. That changed for me on Tuesday.

September 3

I had a late start to my morning as they called me at 5:30 AM to let me know that they didn’t need me to come in at my regular scheduled time, 7 AM, because of the census. We were scheduled to have 17 surgeries for the day so I knew for a fact that I would be going in at some point early in the morning. I guess I should mention I work on the orthopedic floor so our patient turnover rate is high; we have multiple surgeries and discharges a day.

9:30 AM I clock in for my shift. I’m a little uncomfortable but nothing out of the ordinary. Pain level: 1.

10:00 AM Onset of right lower back pain. Pain level: 3. Uncomfortable, but able to keep walking and working.

10:45 AM I haven’t eaten yet so I figure maybe some food and water will help ease my discomfort. So I opt for biscuits and gravy and a small bowl of Frosted Flakes.

I noticed that I’m having a hard time eating and getting everything down but figure it’s because I am anxious trying to keep up with my work.

11:15 AM pain quickly progressed and I’m now having difficulty providing patient care. Pain level: 7.

11:40 AM My supervisor was adamant that I get checked out so I headed down to the ER; because I’m 32 weeks pregnant I am immediately admitted to the OB unit. Urine sample taken. Pain is lingering around 7 and causing my bowels to move.

12:30 PM During my questionnaire with the nurse, I vomit. Gross… pain spikes to about an 8.

1:00 PM I vomit again causing my pain to rise yet again and I’m finally started on an IV. I was immediately given IV pain medication, Zofran for nausea and to IV fluids. They’re suspecting at this point that I might have kidney stones.

1:30 PM At this point, after urine analysis and an ultrasound, they’ve determined I have kidney stones and decide to keep me overnight. Joy…

2:30 PM I’m transferred over to my room. Pain seems to be setting in again and I’m given another dose of IV pain medication.

3PM-4PM I’m able to take somewhat of a nap and have only voided about 100 mL of urine.

4:45 PM I ordered pizza from the hospital cafeteria which has always smelled good when serving it to patients so I figured it was worth a shot. I still don’t have much of an appetite so I only ate one slice but it was delicious!

5:00 PM at this point I’ve had 1 glass of water and 1 glass of cranberry juice. I’m on my second bag of IV fluid. Pain level is starting to increase. I’m still not getting much output which is concerning me.

5:30 PM I’m given an oral pain medication.

8:30 PM Up until now I’ve been resting and trying to find something to watch on TV. Of course I didn’t find anything good so I turned to my favorite “go-to” channel: QVC.

Pain is starting to creep in again so I request a heating pad. This gave me slight relief for maybe 15 minutes. I’m on my 3rd bag of IV fluids.

9:40 PM Pain level: 10. I’m in tears! I’ve tried a heating pad and repositioning. Pain causes me to vomit yet again.

10:00 PM IV pain medication administered along with another dose of Zofran. I’m finally able to eat so a cold turkey sandwich it is.

Turkey and Swiss

September 4

2 AM : I’m wide awake looking for chips or pretzels. Pain level: 0. Praise God! I haven’t had any pain medication since 10 PM, and voiding a lot more. I’m in and out of sleep mostly because I’m not home and frequent bathroom trips. (I also never got any chips)

Resting Comfortably

3:30AM-5:30AM I’m finally able to sleep with only 2 trips to the bathroom.

6:00 AM After having my blood pressure taken, blood drawn and a visit from the doctor I’m ready to rest again.

7:00 AM My obstetrician came in to visit and drop the news that we’re going to “play it by ear” on whether or not I’ll be discharged today. I was very disappointed.

8:00 AM Breakfast. Yum! Blood pressure checked, baby’s heart rate monitored.

My wonderful nurse sat down to chat with me and reassured me she would do what she could to get me home.

8:00AM-2:00PM I spent the rest of the day sleeping, taking a shower and eating lunch. Oh the fun things you get to do in the hospital!

3 PM: Orders to be discharged! I’m very excited to be going home but also nervous knowing that I’ll have to continue to monitor my fluid intake and pain level. I also have to follow up with urology to determine the size of the stones still in my kidney.

hubby driving me home

I know this was a long read and may be boring to some but this is real, and it’s a part of my story which is why I blog!

I’m doing well today and managing my pain; baby is healthy and moving well.

Until next time…


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