Farming Dreams?

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I hope you’re enjoying your week!

We’ve definitely been busy here at the Price residence preparing for baby and taking care of the puppy. As if our hands aren’t full enough Nathan decided we needed chickens. I’ll admit I’ve wanted chickens for a long time; I joked with him 2 months ago, while he was at Army training, about how I may have purchased us a few chickens. Well by the time the conversation was over and I admitted that it was joke he had already scored us a free chicken coop! I’m sure you can only imagine the look on my face. So the joke’s on me and I ended up with chickens a little sooner than I’d imagined.

Normally I would have put up more of a fight but we have been given basically everything we needed to get started, including the chickens! The only things we’ve paid for are fence posts and chicken feed. We are grateful and feel very blessed to have people that are, not only willing, but happy to help out.

We spent quite a bit of time planning and trying to figure out where we wanted them. We finally decided to set them up behind the garage but still within close distance of the house.

Nathan picked up our new friends last Tuesday. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see and interact with them until the following day after my hospital stay.

He brought home 5 hens, a rooster and 4 ducks… yep it’s a full house now! Wednesday morning we already had 2 eggs! We’re still not sure which hens are laying the eggs but it’s been 1 week and we’ve gotten 10 eggs, which is more than enough for us!


I’d originally said I wanted to name my chickens because I was thinking more along the lines of 2-3 hens and 1 rooster. You know, a safe “dip your toes in the water” experience; but since we’ve already homed them we’ve decided to start giving them names. This hasn’t been easy and more than half are still nameless but we’re working on it!

This little one is interesting!snapseed-1 I couldn’t figure out where I had seen one before but it came back to me as I started thinking about our upcoming anniversary; The first time I’d ever seen a Silkie was at John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids. I remember thinking “how cute and fluffy!” We were struggling to find a great name for her but finally decided we’ll call her Amy. She’s very friendly and mild tempered.




This guy obviously runs the show. His name is General. He likes to compete in the early morning “crowing” competition with our neighbors roosters. The large brown hen to the right of him is named Pam; from what I can tell so far, she likes to keep to herself.


These are all of our ducks; we have 3 males and 1 female. The white duck, which I believe is a Pekin, is named Elvis. I think the Mallard is my favorite simply because of his rich colors. I’m thinking of a special name for him. Ducks are very comical in my opinion and they’re always playing together which I think is the cutest thing!


It’s been fun so far and we’re learning every day. I love farm animals and I’m enjoying this new piece of my life.

Let’s Chat: Name suggestions, advice/tips on caring for and raising chickens and ducks would be greatly appreciated!

Until next time…


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