Mini Maternity Shoot

Hello again ❤️

I hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday! I definitely had a quiet day to myself with hubby at work and Luna at the vet to be spayed. I think we just barely missed her first heat cycle! That would not have been fun considering I’ve never gone through that with a pet before and my due date is right around the corner. [Can you hear the panic in my voice?]

Jack Russell Terrier
Look at that happy face!

Since I’ve now reached the “safe point” and considered full-term I figured it would be a great time to have maternity pictures taken. I didn’t want anything fancy but I didn’t want to look back and regret that we didn’t have any pictures at all. So we took a little drive up to Grand Rapids this past weekend and enjoyed a day with my sister who is also pretty much my personal photographer.

It ended up being a fairly chilly day but we really enjoyed our time in the city. Of course, before we could do any work I had to eat a good lunch. If you’re ever in Grand Rapids I highly recommend visiting The Bob! This was my second time and the experience there for lunch is just as great as it is for dinner.

After lunch at Bobarino’s, we headed to East Grand Rapids, Reeds Lake, to take pictures. I absolutely love the suburbs and outer areas of Grand Rapids; the area is comfortable and somewhat reminds me of being in my small hometown.

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I imagined once I reached this point in my pregnancy that I’d be a lot bigger. I’m not complaining though; baby is healthy and growing normally and I’m uncomfortable enough as it is!

We had one more stop on our list and that was Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery. Unfortunately, they had an incredibly long line and we were short on time. Corn Maze, Hay Rides… It looks like a great time so it’s definitely on my list for the next time!

I want to thank my sister for taking time out of her busy schedule to take some shots of us and show us around different parts of the city! To book with her head over to her Facebook page!

my beautiful sister, Anna

Let’s Chat: Have you been to Grand Rapids? If so, favorite things to do?

Until next time…



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