DIY Nursery Valances

Hey there, welcome back!

As you know, baby Price will be making his arrival soon. As I’ve mentioned before, I overwhelmed myself with projects for the nursery and our home as well. Last week I finally decided that what we had done was good enough; after all, I’m sure my little infant won’t remember whether or not I had the custom shelves hung on his wall when he came home from the hospital.

But I couldn’t resist myself when the idea came to me on Sunday to create valances for the nursery windows using scrap fabric I had here at the house. I’ve never done anything like this and I wasn’t quite sure how they would turn out but I am very happy with the outcome! I’m going to do my best to walk you through my thought and planning process.

I knew I had plenty of fabric left over from my bench to create a couple of valances, but I also thought it would be great to add in another fabric left over from the toy blocks I created earlier in the pregnancy. So before I got any measurements or even thought about the size I wanted these to be, I laid it out to give myself a visual.


This was the original plan but pregnancy brain is a real thing and when cutting my fabric I didn’t give myself enough for the seam allowance. {Sigh} So slight monkey wrench in my plan but then I thought it would look even better to bring the patterned fabric down into the grey. fullsizerenderfullsizerender-1

So after hemming the bottom and adding this cute lion printed fabric, I pinned the fabric to the top for the curtain rod. I personally don’t like to have “scrunchy” valances so I measured them just wide enough to cover the window and remain flat.

By the way, this printed fabric was left over from these toy blocks I made for my little guy.


Once the rod pocket was sewn it was time to hang them up! Here is the finished product:

I’m not sure I like the curtain rods that they’re currently hanging on but I’m going to let it be until I finish the rest of the room decor; I’m thinking they will go well with the shelf brackets I’m using for the shelving on the accent wall. The best part about this project is that it didn’t cost me anything! I was able to use what I had left from other projects and the curtain rods were actually here when we moved in.

I’m still debating on whether or not to hang curtains so…

Let’s Chat: Should I add curtains or leave the windows as they are?

Until next time…


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