Life Adjustment

Hello there! Happy very cold November Friday! ❄️

Well… it is if you’re here in Michigan.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written a post. If you don’t follow our Facebook page you may have missed the exciting news: I gave birth to my first child!

Meet Mr. Lucas:

He made his arrival about 11 days early, which is a story I will share with you all another time. So far, from what I can tell, he has my personality… I think any mom would be ecstatic that her firstborn child takes after her, but… well, let’s just say disciplining him in the years to come should be fun. He’s bold, loud and very strong to be such a tiny guy. We love him so very much! 💙


Though I’m happy to have my little boy, the past few weeks have been very emotional for me just as I’m sure most women are following childbirth; the one thing that has kept me “sane”, for lack of a better word, is my faith.

It’s in these times of life where a solid foundation makes all the difference. Growing up in a Christian home this foundation was laid for me with the hopes that I would one day find faith for myself and continue to build on what was already there.

Now that I’m a mother I realize that the most valuable thing my mom gave to me was teaching about the importance of a relationship with God and building your life and family upon the rock. (Matthew 7:24) I cannot thank her enough for not only sharing this valuable teaching with me but living it out to the very best of her ability, even when she had every reason to give up. It wasn’t until I got older that I took the faith that my mom had “given” me in my youth as my own.

Now having a child of my own I desire, and have a strong calling, to give him and show him the same gift: the gift of life through faith.

I want Lucas to know that life is not easy and is not always fair. People can be heartless and unkind. I want him to know that as ugly this world can be we serve a God who is bigger than all of it. Life may not be easy and people may disappoint you but it is so much easier to get through when you have hope in the Lord. (Isaiah 40:31)

I know that in years to come I’ll look back on this whole experience: pregnancy, labor & childbirth, the many emotions postpartum and remember it truly as a priceless life memory.

Let’s Chat: What was it like for you entering parenthood? If you’re not already a parent, what things are you looking forward to teaching your children?

Until next time…

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