1 Year of Marriage


Hey y’all!

I’m sure by the title you’ve guessed what this is about; my honey and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary in September. I honestly can’t believe time has passed so quickly. For the past week this has really been weighing on my heart so I felt it needed to be shared.

One night Nathan asked me, “if we could go back and do it over what would you want to do differently?” My response: I wouldn’t have had a wedding at all. There was so much strife surrounding the time of our wedding; I felt pressure, which caused me to choose things I would not have originally chosen. I regret that we didn’t have a church home so we lacked spiritual guidance regarding marriage. Looking back we didn’t make choices based on what was best for us.

I wanted something very personal and private. Ideally I would have like to have “eloped” except that we would actually tell our family members we were getting married. Then we would have had a nice reception dinner after our honeymoon.

I wish that we had rooted ourselves in a church with solid teaching. I wish we’d been able to go through pre-marital counseling so that we could have learned early on how to protect our marriage and withstand the storms that come.

I hate that when I look back these are the feelings I have toward our wedding and planning experience. If I could give any woman any piece of advice when it comes to wedding planning it would be to do what YOU want; do what’s best for you and your soon to be spouse. Don’t be influenced by the opinions of others, and ground yourselves in a church with strong teaching because, trust me, you’ll need it. This should be a happy and loving memory for the two of you.

Although I do have some unpleasant memories of the wedding and planning, I truly enjoy being married to my best friend. You hear it all the time, “it’s the marriage that truly matters”. I’ve always believed that but after this past year and reflection I realize how true it really is.

We have learned so much about each other in the past year. We value our time together and make every effort to continue to make time for just us. Our family has grown and I can say that it has had a very positive effect on our marriage. We’ve learned, and are continuing to learn, how to communicate with one another. Now that we’ve found a church to call home, with solid leadership, and a pastor that is happy and willing to teach us the ins and outs of marriage, we can take steps to strengthen it so that it will continue to grow.

Let’s chat: Do you have any regrets or unpleasant memories about your wedding experience? Has that affected how you view your marriage?

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