Holiday Preparations

Hello there! 🧡

I hope you all are enjoying your Wednesday! It’s very windy and gloomy here in lower Michigan; that’s not ruining my day though!

I know it’s rather early for some people but we are already prepping for Christmas. I love the holiday season and last year a feel we missed out just a little; we moved into our house just a couple of weeks before Christmas.

This year I wanted to enjoy the fullness of the holiday season so I started decorating early. We are in a rather small rental home so space is limited. I’m always thinking of ways to maximize our space. I decided, on a whim, to build this sofa table.

sofa table

It was cheap, quick and easy! I love that I now have a place to display décor and pictures in my home other than the walls. For the holiday season, I made a red table runner with a shimmery silver overlay.

I’m very particular about my tree and the way it is decorated so I usually decide on a color scheme the year before. This year it’s red and silver. One of the perks to planning my tree décor a year in advance is that I can buy my ornaments after Christmas when they go in sale. I do not like to pay full price for ornaments and wrapping paper if I don’t have to.

I was really hoping to get a bigger tree this year but plans changed when we found out Lucas was coming so close to the holiday season. I’m not a fan of real trees; I enjoy artificial trees because you can manipulate it to look the way want. I generally enjoy a more simple design so I don’t use garland or ribbon but I’m thinking of trying that next time around.

I definitely have a warm and fuzzy feeling this year. I’m learning to make this house a home for our family. You can watch part of the decorating process here!

I’d love to see your trees! Drop pictures in the comments. ❤️

Until next time… Let’s Chat: what traditions do you have this time of year?

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