Life Update: Baby’s Progress 0-3 Months

Good morning! I hope you all are enjoying your Saturday. 💕 It’s been a couple of months since I’ve given birth and my little guy is growing very quickly, so I figured I’d share what we’re learning!

Lucas Nate

In the past week, I’ve noticed so many new developments. Lucas recognizes his bottle and the difference between a bottle and a spoon. He is getting closer to producing a laugh and he can really “talk” my ear off! He is also, more times than not, sleeping through the night. I didn’t expect so many things to happen at one time!

Let’s start with the most exciting thing for his parents: sleeping through the night! 😆 We are definitely enjoying the longer increments of sleep. On the nights where he doesn’t sleep through, he wakes up once, we feed and change him and then he’s back to sleep. I feel one of the reasons he sleeps longer is because he has a full belly.

A few weeks ago I noticed he wasn’t very satisfied with formula alone, so I bought him Gerber My 1st Fruits Starter Kit to see if just a bit of solids in his belly would do the trick. I could tell after a couple of days that he wasn’t digesting it well so we stopped.

I had to buy liners for his bottles over the weekend, I did this of course using Target’s Drive Up service, and in my bag they gave me a sample of Good & Gather’s Organic Apple Carrot Fruit and Vegetable purée.

I figured ‘why let it go to waste’ and let Lucas try it. He LOVED it! I was surprised when he kept kicking his legs and looking at me like I wasn’t feeding him fast enough. The best part is, it didn’t cause any delay in bowl movement and consistency was the same.

Of course he was loving the fact that he was getting actual food and he definitely let me know; he has been cooing nonstop for about 1 month now. He is very loud and I think he enjoys listening to himself. While playing with him yesterday he started trying to laugh, I mean really trying!

I’m impressed by not only his development but his determination.

He loves to watch TV. (Something he gets from his dad – eye roll) He still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of holding onto toys but he loves watching his Vtech Wiggle and Crawl ball which was a gift from his great uncle for Christmas. Overall he is a very happy baby. I thank God every day that my little one is healthy and content.

Wiggle & Crawl Ball

Let’s Chat: suggestions for the upcoming months as far as toys, tummy time, naps, etc.

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